Top 21 Interesting Facts about South Korea

Facts about South Korea, SURPRISING CITY

South Korea:-

The South Korea officially the Republic of Korea is a country located in East Asia on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea shares the land border with North Korea. The name of  Korea is derived from the Goguryeo which was one of the great powers in East Asia during its time. The Currency of South Korea is  South Korean won and its official language

Facts about South Korea, Top 21 Interesting Facts about South Korea, SURPRISING CITY, SURPRISING CITY
Flag Of South Korea

is Korean. President of South Korea is  Moon Jae-in. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and almost 51 million people live in it.Facts about South Korea are given below.

Facts about South Korea, SURPRISING CITY

Interesting Facts :-

There are Top 21 Facts about South Korea are

  • In South Korea when babies are born they are considered to be 1 year old.
  • South Korea celebrates its National Liberation Day as its official holiday on 15 August of every year.
  • In 1999 South Korea passed a law that requires all banking and online shopping to be done using the Internet Explorer and this law is still held in South Korea.
  • In South Korea, the wedding garments are actually red which symbolizes good fortune.
  • South Korea Country Number/Prefix is +82 and its code is KR.
  • In South Korea, when people take selfies from their phones they usually say “kimchi” instead of “cheese”.
  • Crane is considered to be a symbol of good fortune in South Korea.
  • The national game of South Korea is “Taekwondo”.
  • “Siberian Tiger or Amur Tiger” is the National animal of South Korea .
  • The national bird of South Korea is “Oriental magpie (Pica sericea)”.
  • The most common family names in South Korea are Kim and Lee.
  •  “Kimchi” is the national dish of South Korea.
  • South Korea is one of the biggest economies in the world.
  • In South Korea, the roofs of the houses are curved at the ends which give the look of a smile.
  • South Korea has an A1 literacy rate of more than 95% of people who can read and write.
  • Largest Lake of South Korea is  “Chungjuho Lake”.
  • South Korea is the home of the world’s best and beautiful airports.
  • The largest Mountain of South Korea is Halla-San (1950 meters).
  • South Korean Government System is the “Unitary presidential Constitutional Republic”.
  • In South Korea, the number 4 is considered unlucky by the peoples
  • South Korea is not a member of  “NATO”.

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